Psychologist – Systemic Family Therapist – Communication Trainer

Karina Lins specializes in

  • couple and family problems
  • communication difficulties
  • intercultural challenges
  • LGBTQI related issues
  • crisis intervention
  • sexuality
Member of the Danish Psychologists Association.

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All around us we are bombarded with images of happy people in the media, and at the same time depression is one of the biggest problems in our part of the world. How come?

Our mental health needs to be taken more into account. We all know that physical exercise is good for our bodies, but what about mental exercise? For some it is too expensive, or even a taboo to see a psychologist. And there are so many books available, it’s just easier to carry on and perhaps do some reading during your holiday. Think you are too busy for a workshop? Then you are too busy. Think about it.

The following workshops are of a preventative nature. Just as we go for a check-up to the dentist, we need to check-in with ourselves, and everyone can get renewed energy from a powerful mental vitamin-boost.

  • love and intimacy
  • rediscovering passion in your career, family and life
  • reclaiming your sexuality
  • intimate communication
  • finding the time to do the things you want

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It’s a jungle out there!

There are many different schools of therapy (Psychoanalysis, Cognitive-Behavioural, Systemic, etc.), which one should you choose? It partly depends on what you expect: you could ask a therapist what school he/she represents. However, research has shown that this isn’t the deciding factor for therapeutic success – what matters just as much, if not more, is that the chemistry is good. So listen to your instinct! If you don’t feel that you can trust the therapist, look elsewhere.

As a clinical psychologist and systemic psychotherapist, I’m specialized in couples and family therapy, and have worked with many different types of problems, be it everyday communication problems to more severe crises. I’m also experienced in working with rainbow families.

I work along the code of ethics laid down for psychologists. This means, amongst others, strict confidentiality, respect for each individual and that I follow current research in my field.



I work with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer and Intersex community. Some people who identify with this group are wary of contacting a psychologist, because they may have had bad experiences in the past. This is why it is important for me to speak up as a rainbow-friendly therapist.

The way many people think is in binary categories: you are either hetero- or homosexual, or either male or female, for example. However, things like sexuality and gender exist on a continuum, and the categorical way of thinking fails to see the full range. It doesn’t leave space for, for example, bisexual or intersex people. Our brain is wired this way – by boxing and labeling we navigate more easily through the world, which can be a good thing. But categorizing people fails to acknowledge them as individuals, and so stereotyping begins. Some examples: ‘You are a lesbian? But you don’t look like one’. ‘C’mon, you can’t be truly bisexual, you do prefer one over the other, right?’.  ’You are a man, really? Do you have a penis?’.

Transgendered people are a group that are especially misunderstood, a.o. because of the psychiatric diagnosis. If you would like to read my opinion on this, click here.

And please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact & about me

I’m a native Dane who has lived abroad for over 30 years, making my way through five other countries before settling down in Copenhagen again. I studied clinical psychology and systemic/relational psychotherapy at Universities in England and Belgium, and became a communication trainer at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I moved back to the Cope in 2011, and work in a group practice with four other talented psychotherapists. Next to my therapeutic work, I teach psychology and human sexuality at a university level, and offer various workshop and training sessions. Recently I also became a columnist for the Copenhagen Post. Privately I’m married and have two children.

I’m fluent in English, Danish, German, and Dutch.


Mobile: + 45/81184006    E-Mail:

Office: Knabroklinikken, Knabrostræde 1A, 1210 Copenhagen


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